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Since College students are usually less than 45 years of age, and in sound health, they can avail any life insurance policy that is affordable for them.
Our advice would be to go for a whole life insurance policy instead of “term Life Insurance” for college students. As whole Life insurance policies do not expire.
Everyone is eligible for burial insurance. The only way we would not be able to offer you a policy is if you have serious health problems under the age of 40, or over age 80. Primarily,
You should first and foremost use proper channel to obtain a life insurance policy!most likely, through a qualified agent and reliable company.
secondly, be aware of all the underwritings that an Insurance company has and get to know all their policies thoroughly, regarding what benefits
they provide and what preconditions are there in order to gain maximum profit from the policy, before signing up for one.
When considering budgeting for Life Insurance policy, one should keep in mind all his/her monthly expenses as well as household expenditures, Minus those from your income and see
howmuch you can spare for a policy.Let not the cost of premiums you set to pay exceed your own expenses, because, if you fail to pay premiums the policy will lapse and you will lose
your coverage, different companies have different rules but generally 60 days without payment will cause the policy to lapse. All premiums paid in are lost.
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