How Does Life Insurance Really Work?

Here lies the most vital, detailed part of the decision making process. In order to make a well informed choice, it is mandatory for you to first, attain, operational knowledge on the matter of life insurance. In other words, the workings behind the companies that create them.

Having signed up for a final expense insurance policy, you are now bound by a contract with the company you are engaging with. As per the terms agreed in the contract, companies will function in accordance with their own insurance policies, that are not typically subject to change. Nonetheless, a shared point between all of them, is a ‘premium’ payed by the consumer, every month. In order to maximize profits, these premiums are then invested by the company. Several factors play a role in finalizing the total sum paid in the premium, such as health, policy type, age, etc.
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Also termed a ‘payout’, the second aspect is that of the amount released to your heritor – the death benefit. Instantly upon application to the policy, and signing the contract, your beneficiaries are now authorized to seize the death benefit, when you pass away.

To file a claim, carrier – specific forms have to be filled out, and a death certificate is to be indicated to the company. Typically, all expense policies are released within 72 hours of acquiring all required information, subject to the policy no longer being within the contestable time frame, during which an insurance carrier is permitted and authorized to review medical records and makes sure that correct information has been filled – a time frame comprising of 2 years that kicks off from date your policy officially begins.

What amount of risk if your carrier willing to take with you? This is termed under writing. Like all other companies, life insurance companies work in line with their own set of rules and regulations, which obviously entails a difference in under writing rules as well.

Subsequently, there are several well established companies that even restore the premiums, inclusive of a percentage of interest, upon the client passing away spanning the duration of 2 years since the policy commences.

Moreover, various companies may even employ a different strategy. They may add this clause as a disclaimer in the fine print that they put out, e.g. via advertisements or marketing campaigns.

For those, that already have upholding medical conditions, and are sick, this may work great – however those that harbor no such problems and are thinking long term – it is definitively not feasible for them.

Therefore, it is immensely important for you to identify your needs and requirements, and then pick out a life insurance policy for you – something our proficient agents can assist you with, ensuring your comfort at all stages.

As for any other questions that may transpire, please do reach out to us by filling out this short form, and we will respond as swiftly as possible.


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How Does Life Insurance Really Work?
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